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  • Sahrawi Waiting video


-DFF Forum: “Knocking Down North Korea’s Information Wall: How Defectors are Spreading the Truth to North Korea,” Kim Seong Min, Founder and Director, Free North Korea Radio, Award Winning Human Rights Activist, October 30, 2015


-Appeal to Morocco's King Successfully Delivered to Embassy: Stop Obstructing Referendum or Leave Western Sahara

-Sign A Petition to KIing Mohamed VI of Morocco in the Matter of Western Saharato KIing Mohamed VI of Morocco in the Matter of Western Sahara


-Video: U.S. Policy Toward North Korea: The Case for Instituting a More Effective, Human Rights-Centric Approach, October 27, 2015

-DFF Forum: “Follow the Dragon Tracks: China's Emerging Presence from South China Sea to Facilities Access in the Indian Ocean,” Dr. Andrew Erickson, Associate Professor, U.S. Naval War College, July 24, 2015

-DFF Forum: "The Lost Spring between ISIS and Iran: Any Hope for the Middle East?" Dr. Walid Phares, June 26, 2015

-DFF Forum: "Ending the Kim Regime's Reign of Terror in North Korea: What Must Be Done," North Korean Defectors, May 1, 2015

-Activities from 12th Annual North Korea Freedom Week**

     **Video: Heritage Foundation "Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations," April 28

     **Fox News Article: North Korean diplomats storm out of UN after spat with defectorsApril 30

-Click here for Suzanne's Appearance on the John Batchelor Show

     Regarding Modern Day Slavery involving DPRK, February 25, 2015 ... Begins at marker 10:45

-DFF Forum: "Urgent National Security Challenges Facing America," Ambassador John Bolton, February 13, 2015


-5th InternationalConference ofAlgiers "The Right ofPeoples toResistance: thecaseof theSaharawiPeople " Algiers, 13&14December2014

-Sign Petition for Western Sahara Appeal for Release of Sahrawi Prisoners!

-Arirang News: “Turning blind eye on North Korea human rights issue is acting like Sewol-ho ferry captain”

-DFF Forum: "Justice for Africa's Last Colony:The Struggle for Human Rights and Self-Determination in Western Sahara," Aminatou Haidar



-DFF Forum: The Threat from China, Bill Gertz

-North Korea: UN Commission documents wide-ranging and ongoing crimes against humanity, urges referral to ICC

 -DFF Forum: Death by China: Exposing the Cost of China’s Cyber Assault Against America, Professor Greg Autry

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An informational presentation regarding the situation of the Sahrawi people.

Length: 0:04:17